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Jessica's Morning Mocha
Submitted by Jess

My Morning Mocha is just the thing to warm those cold December mornings and nights.  I like mine right before school and in the evening while studying.

Add an ounce or so of your favorite chocolate syrup (if no one's looking--add some more!) to a large, warmed, porcelain mug.  (Also, a generous teaspoon of powdered chocolate works well if you don't have syrup.)

Foam and froth about 7-8 oz of 2% milk ( a girl's gotta watch her figure, right?) in a cold stainless steel pitcher.  Heat milk to about 160 degrees F.

Tamp a single-dose of your favorite espresso grind in the portafilter (Dad lets me use his Illy and Java Joe's), and draw a delicious shot of espresso.

Stir espresso, steamed milk and chocolate syrup with a cinnamon stick.  Wrap your cold hands around the hot mug and deeply breath in the aroma!  Drink slowly while warming your hands on the mug and breathing in that wonderful blend of coffee, chocolate and cinnamon.  Yum!!